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Authentic Traditional Thai Massage Royal Orchid offers best massage to support health maintenance and well being to the North American way of life. All of RMT practitioners have been trained in Thai traditional massage at Wat Po in Bangkok, Thailand and continue their training in western massage modality in the Canada. We are proud and have confidence in our techniques.

To focus on a specific area of your body, we will customize the treatment to fit your needs. If you don’t suffer from a specific area or soreness, we can adjust the pressure on the sequences in the sessions to reduce tension and relieve general stress over the whole body.

Traditional Thai massage can help you relax and rejuvenate your body and mind, reduce muscle ache and fatigue, increase concentration and ensure better sleep and nurture self esteem.
Beside feeling great, traditional Thai massage also has very powerful therapeutic benefits.

For athletes, traditional Thai massage can improve their performance and help reduce the risk of injury.


Massages Menu; Recover Faster from Pain, Tension, Injuries, Muscle Soreness & Stress

East West Massage  – we combine the best techniques from Eastern therapies and Western modalities to achieve more effective results. Our massage therapists are skilled at treating injuries, chronic tension and pain. That is our focus is balancing the demands of your work life and home life while maintaining your healthy, active lifestyle.   Balancing and dealing with areas in your body with chronic tension, stress or pain – either from overwork or overdoing your workout.

Aromatherapy Massage – (One person. Includes tax)Treat someone special to a soothing body massage at Royal Orchid Thai Spa. The Aromatherapy Massage utilizes regulated pressure, excellent for releasing knots and tensions. The stimulating, long, strong movements effectively ease a tired, aching back and limbs

East West Revitalizing Massage –  performance-enhancing treatment for the hardworking athlete.

Feel stress melt from your body as we utilize specific strokes and stretches for maximum performance and physical conditioning.

Treat yourself to the East West Sports Massage before and after events to increase your power, endurance, and flexibility as much as 20%, reducing the chance of injury and pain.

Become the best athlete you can be in our 1, 1.5 hours sessions.

Add on with A SPA Intensive Organic Facial – 45 minutes –  A radiant experience awaits at Royal Orchid Thai Spa. Skin analysis will be given by experienced therapists to determine the ideal facial for each skin type. Designed to naturally improve the condition of the skin and enhance its appearance.

 De-Stress Massage Package – 2 hours – $180 CAD Give a rejuvenating spa journey at Royal Orchid Thai Spa.  De-stess Massage with oils of ylang-ylang and frankincense and a skin-specific organic intensive facial. The De-Stress Package includes: 75-minute Aromatherapy Massage and 45-min Intensive Organic Face Massage.

East meets West
Royal Orchid Day Spa has Thailand from South East Asian origins and many of our therapists bring their traditional expertise and intimate knowledge of spa rituals from this part of the world. Our spa menu features more than 20 treatments which fuse ancient Asian holistic healing traditions with the very best in modern European beauty therapies.

East Foot Ritual
A relaxing and cleansing foot ritual to begin any Spa Treatment. Your feet are bathed in warm milk along with your personalized, seasonal East Day Spa oil. We use a raw sugar and warm oil scrub to smooth away old, dull skin off the feet before your treatment. Perfect to start off your spa journey.

Lomi Lomi 50 min / 80 min
Our rhythmic Hawaiian inspired massage begins with a cleansing
sea salt foot polish. This technique integrates use of the
forearms and elbows, invigorating and stimulating your mind and body.

Swedish Massage 50 min
A classic European relaxing massage using gentle long smooth strokes
to soothe aches and pains and relieve stress and tension.

Thai Massage 60 min
A Thai inspired massage using no oil. Pressure is applied to
pressure points along the meridian of your body to release

Deep Tissue 50 min deeper layers of muscle tissue.
Using slow strokes and deep pressure, tension is released throughout
the body

After Sun Skin Treatment 60 min
Deeply hydrate and calm irritated sensitive skin with this treatment.
A perfect recovery experience after a long day under the hot sun
or for those who simply want the ultimate in skin hydrating.
Add-On Therapies
The following treatments may be added on to any massage, facial or
body treatment.

Deluxe Scalp Massage Treatment 30 min
A relaxing scalp massage followed by a luxurious Organic coconut oil to hydrate and
smooth hair.

Foot Massage 30min
We will massage your feet by targeting the reflex points using one of our
beautiful aroma lotions.

Tropical Scrub special offers, skincare and Éminence
This invigorating ORGANIC sugar scrub infused with Coconut Sugar Scrub THE AWARD WINNING Exfoliate your skin with this sugar scrub
while benefitting from virgin coconut oil’s deep hydrating properties. Coconut contains high levels of antioxidants and hydrators.

Winner of Best Sugar Scrub, Aestheticians’ Choice Awards 2016, Dermascope 2016Passion Fruit oils will brighten and soften your skin. Revealing a smoother, healthier, and most of

all hydrated looking