Eric Scott — 5 star I have been a client of Charuwan’s for almost 10 years. Occasionally I have tried other masseuses only to return to the best Calgary has to offer. Charwan’s technique is the best I have ever experienced and she has always been able to pass her skills on to her employees….

Great relaxing massage. Friendly atmosphere be back again, the massage therapists they know their stuff. Chris C. 10/11/2015

We enjoyed a beautiful couples massage experience at Royal Orchid. The ambience was perfect, the room was comfortable and pretty& the scents of oil added to the experience. We both found it to be a wonderful impression of the senses. Thank you so much for this amazing gift. Kob-khun kaa, Janice& Tom, 11/8/2015

Had a great relaxing experience for only first time. We will recommend it to family and friends. The staff are very friendly.
Linda& Kayla, 8/11/2015

Mick S.
Calgary, Canada
4 reviews
5.0 star rating 7/22/2014
The best Massage in calgary, by FAR. I’ve been to them all, and nobody can soothe aching muscles like charuwan at royal orchid. I’ve sent countless people to see her, and they all agree. The spa itself is nice, but all that matters is how great you’ll feel after. Ask for the ‘east meets west’ with hot stone. It’ll blow your mind. Can’t stress it enough. The BEST Massage in Calgary

Dougness M.
Red Deer, Canada
1 review
5.0 star rating 6/24/2014
Excellent massage, warm welcome given upon entering, clean,professional service, convenient location in the south side of the city, adequate parking and the masseuse’s have a reasonable level of English.

5.0 star rating 6/17/2014 Jeff W. review
Truly the “Best of the Best”. We have travelled the world, and this spa is better than those in Thailand itself! The staff is wonderfully experienced, and delightfully “charming” in their attitude. No hurry or rush here…just relaxed ambience, with superb” Oriental Massage Know How. I had an automobile accident several years ago and the healing benefits of a proper Thai massage is beyond description. PRICELESS to anyone who has suffered from pain. My favorite? Well I have tried several at Royal Orchid but I am especially fond of their” East meets West” with hot stone… 90 minutes of pure bliss! To top it off?…Clean, beautiful décor, excellent location, tons of free parking….and’ to my wife and my delight, Royal Orchid is accepted by EVERY insurance company out there! Don’t be fooled…not all massage studios, or all RMT therapists are!

R B.
Calgary, Canada
3 reviews
5.0 star rating 9/2/2015
Royal Orchid Thai Spa is our favourite massage spot in the city!!!! ( and we have gone to a lot of different massage parlours and spas in Calgary and Bow Valley area) Yesterday was our 4th visit with them. Calling the spa for an appointment is hassle-free, which is a plus- someone always answers the phone. As soon as you walk in the door, there’s a calming ambiance that welcomes you. We were a bit early for our massage so the owner offered us some tea while we were waiting. The massage is amazing as usual. They knead you just right, and the hour just feels so short that you just wanna lay there and be pampered forever. My bf and I enjoy the couples massage so much that we usually just go to bed right when we get home and sleep soundly for hours (no matter what time of the day we had our massage). The owners and the staff are genuinely welcoming and appreciative of your business. I recommend this place to anyone who lives in Calgary!

Rima H.
Calgary, Canada
2 reviews
5.0 star rating 6/2/2014
Thank You So Much for such an amazing Thai spa experience. We enjoyed every moment of it. GREAT SERVICE, very nice atmosphere, Charuwan & Jidapha are very great therapists. We will definitely come back again. We love organic facial a lot feel wonderful, we bought some of Eminence Coconut Firming Body Lotion, Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum & Coconut Day Cream. Love the smell of coconut and we love Royal Orchid Spa, they massaged us with coconut oil, it is really great on our skin.

It was magic. A very special healing touch throughout the whole two hour session and a seamless focus to attention by the massage therapist is how it was experienced by me! That look it’s from ordinary to magical. The magical of Thai massage is that it was
all done with love & its healing. WOW.. Thai Massage at Royal Orchid Thai Spa is beyond anything I could have imagined the experience to be if I was asked to cerebrate it on a scale it would be that of a divine touch.

To sum up my experience totally is that I felt from Thai Massage by Charuwan the massage therapist is a deep sense of gratitude within a stillness that is beyond words!

Thank you so much Royal Orchid Thai Spa.

Roman C.

Karen S.
Calgary, Canada
1 review
5.0 star rating 6/2/2014
I had a facial at Royal Orchid Thai Spa , I had a fantastic facial with Charuwan. she is so professional and superb at delivering a very relaxing experience. I chose an anti aging facial unbelievable what a change looking on my face, I was extremely pleased with the results. There are many different types of facials as well as other spa services at this day spa. The aesthetician used Strawberry Rhubarb Exfoliant , Blueberry Detox Firming Peel & Arctic Berry & the mango night cream. All of them are absolutely wonderful ! I have a VERY dry skin. The night cream is my favourite, as I love the smell of mangoes and it is so deeply hydrating. Next morning I woke up my face is so smooth, with no breakouts! Calms and soothes my skin so well. Strawberry exfoliant makes my face so smooth too! all of them also smells amazing! I love fruits. It feels very thick when first applied and like it is much too heavy to be a day cream, but this cream magically dries later. to a matte finish, perfect for wear under makeup. I think this moisturizer would be perfect under makeup. So it is very thick and hydrating, but dries matte and smooth ! know, but it’s true ! I was turned on to eminence by a coworker who swore by it and my so I gave this a try, and man am I glad I did ! I love that it’s organic as well, as I don’t like to put too many chemicals or products on my face. You can also thin their creams out with water apparently, however I’ve never tried it as I have very dry skin as I previously mentioned and need cream that’s as thick as possible ! I highly recommend this line, EMINENCE and will do an update if I try any more of their products ! They are gentle, organic, and effective ! LOVE IT 🙂

5.0 star rating 6/27/2013 Previous review I love the spa! The girls are great! I feel like a new person after the massage! Andrea Lima (one brazilian in Canada)

Jo M.
Calgary, Canada
29 friends
4 reviews
5.0 star rating 9/23/2013
After a stressful few weeks from work, a much needed massage was in order. I haven’t gone in awhile and after a few phone calls I landed a time here at Royal Orchid.

From the moment you step in, you are greeted by extremely happy and accommodating people. The setting is very calming, from the music to the decor, your mind is instantly put in a relaxing mood.

After filling out necessary paper works, I was showed to the massage room by Rita and was asked everything I needed to be relaxed. I shared how stressed I was from work and she said she knew exactly what it would take to relax me and if I needed anything more, she would be willing to do it as well. I opted for a 1 hour session, but then quickly switched to 1-1/2 hours because of how well the massage was going.

A few great words for Rita…WOW, WOW, WOW! The right amount of pressure was used, the full body massage was just outstanding, and she catered to all the spots I was having issues with. Highly experienced and talented massage therapist!

If you’re looking for an amazing massage studio look no further, I highly recommend this place and Rita to take care of all your massage needs.

Ambience – 10/10
Staff – 10/10
Service – 11/10 – YES you read that right ABOVE and BEYOND 10

Sam R.
Vancouver, Canada
0 friends
1 review
5.0 star rating 9/16/2013
We went for a massage after a long hike. The staff were very professional, room were very clean and the massage was fantastic.

Nicole M.
Calgary, Canada
2 reviews
5.0 star rating 6/14/2014
Thai yoga therapy here is great my friend and I had a couple spa massage. The first time then we just cannot stop coming to Thai spa regularly! It is always great and a delightful experience every time we come here. We can do in a same room with nice and beautiful atmosphere. The spa therapists are truly experience hands true Thai gentleness working on us. We love Charuwan & Pin. We did not have to tell them at all where our knot were! They know exactly how to make us happy. Khob khun kaa the thank you in Thai that they told us. An excellent physio therapy and chiropractic treatment at the same time, Highly recommended if you live in Calgary I think royal orchid Thai spa is a very fantastic to experience Thai yoga massage. They have spa thai body scrub too. They always have special on deal with body exfoliate and massage. We also love to do body scrub and spa body wrap with Organic brand to keep our skin nice and the full 90 min. They never cut my treatment time. My body feel great, it’s so hard to walk out from spa. Not only Professional work, but approved by insurance company on massage therapy by RMT. It is my favourite spa. Do not make a dinner reservation after spa visit cuz you may feel very sleepy to eat:)

Arezoo A.
Calgary, Canada
1 review
5.0 star rating 8/30/2015
Had a couples massage, we really enjoyed it. Very professional and friendly staff. We will definitely come back. Thank you!

5.0 star rating 3/10/2015
You will feel definitely come out a new person. Very nice place, local spot. Recommended this Thai Spa is running by a very nice Thai Canadian lady. Attention!
Ladies, be prepared to have top off (bra off optional but recommended), and to wear a pair of boxes over your undies. If you are going to get a Thai Traditional Massage!

Hnom P.
Calgary, Canada
1 review
5.0 star rating 10/31/2014
I Enjoyed couple massage the signature Thai Fusion Massage with my couple.

We had a signature Thai massage, Techniques of Thai massage was amazing. Western technique meets eastern and the feel good WOW result made us feel a powerful relaxing of amazing healing on our bodies.

We had a Thai modernize Massage took place on a massage table a combination of Hot Stones massage, Thai Traditional massage and oil massage. The technique lies in the unique of the various disciplines in one session. The overlapping strengths of each technique compound and reinforce the benefits thus multiplying its effectiveness.
An amazing physical experience ! Thank you so much

Lance G.
Calgary, Canada
1 review
4.0 star rating 7/21/2014
Royal Orchid Thai Spa therapists are all licensed and very well trained. They are specialized in different modalities. My husband and I love having Thai massage here.

Vanessa Cruda Labiano reviewed Royal Orchid Thai Spa — 5 star
4 hrs ago. on Facebook
My husband and I were just there for their 90 minute East meets West combination couples massage… It was truly an amazing and relaxing experience for us and we are looking forward to coming back to this establishment soon… Charuwan is the best at her technique… The general manager was very friendly and polite… I love the ambiance and the decor of the place…I will definitely recommend this place to my family, friends and coworkers…

It’s Just Yoga with Jo Steinfeld
December 8, 2014 at 12:17pm
Thank you Charuwan for an amazing Thai Yoga massage this morning. Your space is beautiful and you are a very gifted masseuse. I feel so good all over. namaste

Louis Marlon Marquez reviewed Royal Orchid Thai Spa — 5 star
September 2 ·
A big Wow amazing massage and staff are very professional.

Fred Wilcox reviewed Royal Orchid Thai Spa — 5 star
Have been coming to Royal Orchid the past whole year, usually go for 90 minutes massage. The atmosphere here puts one at ease and is so relaxing. The staff is fine and cordial, knowledgeable and pleasant!

Shannen Penarubia — 5 starMe and my family had relaxing time and really enjoyed a lot. Going to do it next time again 🙂

7/25/2014 A solid 3.5 star rounded up.
I am a textbook case in need of reflexology often. I went to another Thai Massage place in town and while it was good, I wanted to branch out and see what else was available.
This massage therapy establishment is quite far from me unfortunately and takes me about an hour to get to it. It was very hard to find, staff are working on getting signage for their place but my GPS got me lost. As soon as you see Kal Tire on MacLeod, turn in and you will find Royal Orchid at the end of the strip mall in behind. You will know it is the right business as you get closer and see small posters on the windows.
Walking in you know you are for a treat. Nothing fancy but plenty to look at and very Thai-styled. I am fascinated with Thai culture so it was great to have a moment to take everything in. The staff are attentive from the moment you walk in and if it is your 1st appt, make sure you go in a bit early to fill out paperwork.
There are items for purchase – high end skin care lines and Moroccan Oil products.
My feet were soaked as I filled out paperwork. I was offered a bottle of water and plenty of smiles.
The room I went into for treatment was fine and fit the bill. I had wished they played music a little more soothing. It was not Thai and often, the CD would cut out. Not a huge deal.
The service I received for $99 was good with adequate pressure and I was comfortable throughout. No slapping and hard chopping here as I had experienced before elsewhere. The therapist gave me the FULL 60 minutes even though we got started a few minutes late which I really appreciated. There is a place to hang your clothes inside the room and a washroom to freshen up in after your service. They also offer a 90 minute service as well as a couples massage room that was off the front and was really quite nice! The space does not appear to be brand new but it was clean.
I am hoping that our insurance will accept this claim so I can go back more often.
The service aspect trumps the hellish drive for me to get here – as it is I am booked for a facial here next Thursday.
The staff really made the experience a good one and I could have talked with them for hours about Thailand. Very kind and personable people/owners. Janna L.

Useful 9

4.0 star rating 6/12/2012
Had combination of Thai and Swedish massage for 90 minutes. The service was excellent. This Thai spa has Thai ladies who have true experience with Thai massage. If you have not tried Thai massage before, I recommend Royal Orchid Thai Spa.Pete J.

4.0 star rating 6/24/2014
I sustained an auto injury last year. This is the only spa I have visited that not only is reasonably priced but actually helped my pain .I now go twice monthly and have noticed a marked improvement in my overall well being. Especially benefit from the hot stone, thai massage, and the hot herbal… Rooms are a bit small but quaint, clean and comfortable. Was able to park my large truck without any problem. Best part… they are accepted by my insurance company. I give them 4 stars for location and 5 star for my massage therapist.Jonathan E.

5.0 star rating 3/7/2014 Previous review The best massage I’ve had !

Sergey R.
Calgary, Canada
7 friends
1 review
5.0 star rating 10/29/2014
I just had a massage in that spa and had a really amazing experience. They really have a wow factor. The design of the spa is very unique. There are flowers everywhere and music is very relaxing. All the employees are very genuine and nice people. The massage was really good and my shoulder pain is gone now. Thank you Royal Orchid for the great experience.

4.0 star rating 7/14/2014
Open on Sunday. I give here 4 stars for these. I work a lot the day that I can come for a massage is only weekend. This Thai Spa getting better and better, beautiful place & their massage is always great. Therapists always give me better massage to get all my knott away.. I wonder how come Thai massage is such so popular in Europe and USA. I tried some of Thai Massage in Thailand before and was so relaxing. and Royal Orchid Thai Spa gave me an amazing Thai massage.

5.0 star rating 3/21/2014 Previous review My girlfriend and I had a 90 minute couples massage package. The entire time here was an unforgettable experience from start to finish. In the massage we were able to connect on a deep level while getting one of the best massages I have ever had, then laid back to enjoy a full body sugar scrub with a steam to finish the experience. After coming out we were greeted by the owner with a warm cup of tea and wonderful conversation. We were there for about 3 hours and have never felt more relaxed.

4.0 star rating 11/1/2014
I went there for the first time yesterday and I had a very good hot stone massage and Thai stretch. I will definitely return for another session soon. The masseuse was also very friendly and polite.Irina V.(YELP)

4.0 star rating 1/23/2015
I tried Royal Thai massage after being frustrated with nearby Massage heights which required a monthly commitment and was difficult booking in. I have had treatments from Charuwan and a few of other therapists who I found to be all very hard working, and professional. I have a lot of knotted muscles, typical of working years in an office, and I prefer very deep therapeutic massage. This has become my favorite place for excellent massage. I always look forward to the relaxing deep massage treatments. Their massages are covered if you have massage benefits, and I started buying packages which are a better deal. I definitely recommend giving them a try. Very friendly and always willing to try to accommodate your appointment request. I also like the location just off Macleod Trail behind Canadian Tire, as it is near my area of home/work where there are not many other good massage options in the area.

I have been coming to Royal Orchid & Wellness Thai Spa for the past six months,
usually for the 90 minute massage. The atmosphere here puts one at ease and is relaxing.
The staff I find are cordial, knowledgeable and pleasant.
Fred Wilcox Nov 25,2015

I had wonderful experience from here.As I have been too many of Thai Massage in this city and also in Thailand as well. In terms of the treatment, I went for the Thai Royal at “medium” strength – whilst this was a little sore at times, it was bearable and helped unlock all the knots you hope a good massage should fix. From start to finish the experience was wonderful.The staff they are so professional and well train and know how to fix my body problem very well.Couple day after my problem is gone I will definite go back again for sure. Keya L.Sep11,2015

Wonderful experience! Every time I come it is different but fantastic best massage!!
Carla Mckinstry Nov 27,2015